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Sera Monastary

The Potala Palace

7-4 Potala Palace - This is where the Tibetan government led bythe Dali lama was centered. The palace is 13 stories tall and has1000 + rooms. Many (if not all) of the previous Dali Lamas are entombed here. We also visited Norbulinka, which is was the summer palace of the lamas. It is 360000 sq meter facility with a garden, a zoo, and many places for meditation. Half of the area was closed to tourists so it wasnt a great value for the money and we felt a bit robbed. The final stop of the day was Zang Gyab Lhukang Park which behind the Potala Palace. For 3 yuan it is the best deal going, although it's attraction consisted of a lovely view of the palace (last few pictures) and a nice shady spot to play cards.


These are several photos of the town and life in the town.

Ganden Monastary

I would have had more pictures here had I not lost a roll of film.

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